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Unique T-shirts in a limited issue of 25.

As  it is said, ‘First impression is the last impression’. This is the literal motto of this project. Three Designers from Friesland are given the project to create design for three Hit the North bands; Lester Blackfield, Woe Blind Birds and YVI.

Unlike the designers creating logo and the name of the band, the designers are given the freedom to come up with their own creation. The designers met the bands, listened to their music and analysed the atmosphere they create. The imprint left on the designers minds generated a creative design for the bands. The creative minds responsible for the designs are Kasper, Jelle van Gosliga and Edward Kobus.

The name given to this project is 'chhaap' which literal meaning of ‘imprint’ in Hindi Language. The imprint of the bands music is screen printed on the shirts. This project puts the designers in the spotlight by giving them the freedom to create a design for the chosen band. So, How are the designs going to be printed on the shirts. By sending the shirts to a digital printing shop? No way. The designer will screen print their designs by themselves on organic T-shirts. The whole product will be authentic. The screen printing process will be coordinated by Wytse Sterk.

At last, the end product (printed T-shirts) will be presented on Sauturday May 25th during the Fries Straatfestival outside the The SainT between 15:00 - 17:00 hours. After the presentation you can buy this unique T-shirts in the shop in A limited issue of 25.

A project by Harwinder Kaur, intern at Popfabryk from India.